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My name is Eric Payette, and you have found where I post SOME of the wonderful stuff that I do.

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Born and raised in Oregon, I have always been do-er, fixer and problem solver. That may be why I am so engrained into the print field. I have a passion for printing and an even greater passion for creating printed things.

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Conceptual Approach

I like to take a conceptual approach to everything I do. This allows me to explore, solve problems, and make things unique.

Analytical Thinker

My analytical mind is one of my biggest assets when it comes to design work. I analyze everything from the market, trends, and message. This also gives me a leg up when I have to fix the dishwasher or other mechanical dodads.

Tech Savvy

When it comes to technology and software integration, I am the guy friends & family goes to. For 22 years I have building computers, networks, software, web sites and figuring out OS/hardware problems( & Fixing them .)

Print Gamut

From small format cutsheet, brochures, business cards & flyers, to Grand format posters, tradeshow displays, pop displays, and even printed fabric EZ-up Tents. I have experience in approximately 90% of the digital printing industry.





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